design Kristina Oolu, Liis Uustal, Hendrik Väli
location Tallinn-Tartu bus route
type academic project and workshop, IdeaLab: Architecture and Adaptation "The Design and Technology of Independent Power-Operated Small Constructions"
teachers Martin Melioranski, Paco Ulman, Kristjan Männigo
year 2013
Generations     40
Angle         5
Premise     A
Rule 1        A=[A&B]&B
Rule 2        B=F^F+B+F
The pavilion is designed for the main stops of Tallinn-Tartu highway in Estonia. The preliminary form is extracted using the L-system in Houdini. The L-system creates fractal geometry from the recursive application of simple rules. The onward design of the form is developed from the main functions of pavilions, which are 1) shelter and     2) the possibility to sit down. In addition, this pavilion is interactive with the user by providing information and lighting, which are powered by its own solar panel system. The pavilion hides inside a metal structure which is covered with titanium zinc sheets.
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